How much should your project cost?

Just about every day we receive inquiries from people asking for quotes or estimates. In many cases, people have great aspirations and are often surprised at the costs or estimates they receive from contractors. Kitchen and bathroom renovations in Collingwood, Toronto or anywhere else in Ontario start with basic average finishes and only go up from there. Below is a guide for some common items.

For generic entry level finishes and average construction:

  • New House $210 - $230 per square foot

  • Major House Renovation $90 - $100 per square foot

  • Basement Finishing $50 - $55 per square foot (not including income suite requirements)

  • Bathroom renovation, simple 12 x 9 room, 36” x 60” walk in tile shower with glass, double vanity, new toilet, new tile floor with heat, no tub, not moving existing plumbing, paint & lighting, all off the shelf products, budget $12,000 as a start.

Bottom line, there are many resources out there to help you figure out a range you should realistically budget. Those ranges are almost always for entry level finishes. Add elaborate molding and trim, custom cabinetry, quartz countertop, fireplaces as examples along with contingencies for unforeseen circumstances and the numbers only go up.

Without a doubt, there are contractors out there who will do it for less. However, these contractors often work out of the trunk of their car, have no business insurance, primarily work on a cash basis and provide you with no warranty whatsoever. If you went shopping for a new vehicle, say a Lexus/Infiniti/BMW, would you go out looking at vehicles from those manufacturers expecting to pay the price of a four year old mini van? Probably not, but if you want Lexus/Infiniti/BMW work and finishes on your home, shopping for four year old mini van priced contractors is not a valued use of your time.

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kitchen and bathroom renovations in collingwood, thornbury or wasaga beach - how much should it cost?