Step by Step - The Process

1 - Inquiry– This is where everything starts! We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you to gain an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. We will have some questions for you to make maximum use of your time and ensure your project fits into the scope of services we’re able to provide for you. Please visit our contact page, send us an e-mail or call us. We will do our best to get back to you within two business days.

2 - Visit- After the initial inquiry a site visit will be scheduled where we can further discuss your project and begin the next steps of the process.

3 - Budget– This is an important step for you and we will help you figure out what this should be. Without a budget and an acceptance of a range of what your project could cost, there is no reason to move on to the next stage of detailed planning. Please see our Cost? page for more information.

4 - Drawings and Plans – Is the scope of your project more involved than a general bathroom reno, kitchen makeover, new paint and flooring or general finish update? Depending on the complexity of your vision, to provide you with an estimate for your project a set of plans may be required. For something complex such as a renovation involving moving walls, new rooms or any significant reconfiguration, it is simply not possible to provide you with a project cost without drawings/plans. Our intention is to provide you with a dollar cost for your project, otherwise you just end up with an endless outlay of money based on a guess.

There are two choices if you do not have plans:

  1. If an architect/engineering is not required, we can help you with the design and produce relevant drawings. This includes advice and finish selections. Depending on the size and scope of your project there may be a fee for this service and we will provide you a quote for the work. The fees for this service attributed to the time spent, if any, will be used as a credit towards the cost of your project if you contract with S&K Interiors. Otherwise, the plans are yours to keep.
  2. We will be happy to refer you to a local designer (or architect if your project needs one) to work with you through this process. Expect that these professional services have fees (not credited to the project costs).

5 - Estimate & Scope of Work – From a completed set of drawings/plans we can provide you with an estimate for your project. This includes sitting down with you to review a scope of work with a detailed contract so you have complete clarity and confidence with the choices you are making.

6 - Contract– The contract is signed and a deposit payment made.

7 - Permits– If permits are required for your project that have not been obtained by an architect or designer we will obtain on your behalf. If required, the cost for this will be included in the project estimate.

8 - Construction Starts – Your project begins!