Why S&K?

Simply put, we’ve been in your shoes! Having worked with contractors along with doing our own work for many, many years, we have a keen understanding of what it means to make changes to your living space and the impact. We’ve had great experiences working with contractors and we have had very poor experiences as well. We have also done things that have worked out well and done things that we should have done differently as home owners.

Our negative experiences with contractors have a common theme…they just didn’t understand (or even care to take the time to understand) what we were trying to accomplish or didn’t take the time to ask basic questions.

We take those important steps. As a simple example, it is common for us to cut and paint trim at our shop instead of doing all that messy and dust creating work in the client’s house. We wouldn’t do it in our own home, so why make a mess in at the client’s home when it’s totally unnecessary?

And, our work comes with a two year warranty.